4-26-16 - KRS 1 - The teacher, the father of hip hop has stricken war on all child sex victims, I will address this soon worldwide, I am requesting that ALL radio stations stop playing his music ASCAP, his comment went too far, and if hip-hop feels this way then they just started a war, TRUST ME.

This is coming from a man (rapper) who was once homeless. I'm a victim who just had the courage to speak out, you don't want to mess with me right now.

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Hon. Ron Savage 

 Author Ronald Savage (Journalist)


1-4-17 -    Ronald Savage gains support in Albany against Summit Security's Discrimination - Details Soon

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Journalist Author Hon. Ronald Savage

A single source does not result in news. News always requires two sources independent from each other. If you report on conflicts, both sides must be represented unbiased. A good journalist will not take sides on principle and not make a judgment. For emotional topics a minimum measure of critical distance should be preserved. 

4-18-2016 -I have just been asked today to go to Albany, New York on May 3 & 4th to speak about the statue of limitations to the New York State Assembly. ...
I'm going.... This is for everyone

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12-28-16 -   Ronald Savage speaks with his lawyer about filing 2nd charge against Summit                      Security this time with the NYC Commission on Human Rights